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    Is your motor running even after closing the door panel completely?

    Technically, a garage motor runs over a thousand times per year.

    With this function, the motor is expected to wear out over time.

    That’s why you will encounter unexpected failures and faulty operations as a result of your worn-out motor.

    Ignoring a minor garage motor problem will lead to safety hazards and costly issues in the long run.

    Furthermore, a faulty garage motor poses a potential safety risk, exposing your family to immediate danger.

    If the hardware exhibit signs of faulty operation, don’t put off the needed repairs.

    Get it checked by a reliable service provider in Seattle, today!

    Emerald Garage Doors specializes in the safe and proper repair of garage motors.

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    Check out the following reasons listed below why your mechanical door motor fails.

    Malfunctioning wall switch

    One of the most common issues that any homeowner will face is a faulty switch.

    If you suspect the motor isn’t working properly, call a technician to help you repair the hardware.

    The switch can fail for a variety of reasons, including wiring issues.

    Doing the repairs yourself may endanger you due to electrocution.

    That is why we strongly advise you to seek technical assistance.

    The mechanical door motor does not stop operating

    When the motor continues to run even when the door is fully open or closed, it indicates that the motor needs to be repaired.

    This issue indicates that the limit switch is not properly adjusted.

    Although there are simple steps to correct the problem, you may still need to seek an expert’s advice.

    The overhead door motor stalls or does not operate at all

    To verify the problem, first, inspect the sensor on the hardware.

    Safety sensors are in charge of transmitting the signal to the motor.

    That’s why if an object is blocking the garage door track, the panel will not lower or functiuon properly.

    However, a few factors can cause these sensors to malfunction such as dirt and grime in the sensor lens.

    To resolve this issue, simply wipe the lenses down with a dry microfiber cloth.

    Misaligned sensors

    Aside from dirty sensors, poor alignment is another possibility for the motor not responding when prompted.

    The sensors’ beam lights are red and green, and they should point in a straight line.

    If both beams are not aligned, a false signal will be sent to the motor.

    That’s why the motor stalls in the middle of its operation.

    The motor makes a grinding noise, but the panel does not move

    If this is the case, you most likely have a damaged drive gear.

    A motor drive gear is made of a plastic component used to transmit mechanical power from the garage motor.

    Because of the frequency of use, the gear teeth and the rest of its parts will eventually wear down.

    This problem is difficult to replace and may necessitate the use of specialized tools and safety equipment.

    If you’re not confident with your skills, get it fixed by a reliable technician.

    The motor does not respond

    If you encounter this kind of issue, first, check the batteries in your remote control.

    Batteries deteriorate over time and may need to be replaced.

    After replacing the batteries, check to see if the door panel will respond to the remote control.

    Also, when troubleshooting, make sure you’re close to the garage.

    If you’ve tried everything and the problem still persists, you may need to replace your remote.

    To confirm any of the following issues, call for technical support.

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    Furthermore, faulty operations or broken hardware parts should not be repaired unless you have the necessary skills and tools.

    Doing the repairs yourself could endanger you or put your family at risk.

    To ensure durable and quality repairs, entrust the garage door motor repair to us!

    For a seamless mechanical door, get it maintained regularly.

    Talk to us so we can further answer all your concerns and provide you with appropriate solutions.

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