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    Is the panel on your garage door old and worn?

    Entrust the replacement and installation services to a reliable service provider.

    Adding a garage door to your home is one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make.

    Besides the aesthetic value, it also increases the security of your property.

    Emerald Garage Doors provide premium yet reasonably-priced garage door installation in Seattle.

    Our technicians’ installation procedure for your new doors is skillfully simple:

    1. First, we assess and take all the necessary measurements of the garage door

    We take the proper size of the door from the headroom, frame size, and area of the garage

    1. Second, our technician will provide you with design samples and garage door models that are appropriate for your garage

    You can freely choose a design that complements the appearance of your garage to emphasize the theme of your home

    To learn more about our garage door installation in Seattle, talk to us so we can assist you better.

    Reasons Why We Replace Our Garage Door

    We provide a low-cost service with high-quality workmanship to protect your newly installed garage door.

    Furthermore, before we go any further, let us discuss why you should replace your garage door.

    And we know it’s not just about having a fresh look for your interiors but including the following reasons listed below:

    • You wish to improve the appearance of your home
    • A new garage door raises the home’s value, allowing for a higher resale price
    • Getting new doors is less expensive and gives you a brand new addition to your garage.
    • Wanted to replace uninsulated to insulated mechanical hardware
    • Lowering your energy bills is one of the benefits of using insulation to keep heat inside your home.

    Regardless of your reasons for replacing your door, we all have one thing in common: our property’s safety and security.

    To ensure quality and durability, schedule a new garage door installation service with us today!

    Our Garage Door Services in Seattle

    There are numerous garage door brands and models available on the market.

    We guarantee that you won’t run out of options with so many variations and designs available from manufacturers.

    Moreover, if you’re not familiar with the technical specifications, allow us to assist you.

    Our team can help you throughout the process from assessment to installation.

    We don’t just make promises; we back them up with high-quality services and long-lasting products.

    Hiring our services for garage door installation in Seattle allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

    Highly Durable Garage Doors

    We work with the most reputable mechanical door manufacturers on the market.

    Therefore, you’re guaranteed that every service provided will result in high-quality, long-lasting products.


    Entrusting your new garage door installation services to a reputable service provider allows you to save money in the long run.

    We don’t want our customers to spend on unnecessary repairs or replacements.

    To make the best out of your investment, get your hardware checked regularly.


    As technology advances, more benefits and automated features for garage doors become available.

    With these advancements, you can double the function of the hardware, saving you money on bills while also securing your property.

    Reduced noise

    Although garage doors are a useful piece of mechanical hardware, the noise during operation is a major issue.

    If you want to learn how the noise can be reduced from your garage door, talk to us!

    We are always available to assist you and answer all your concerns.

    Different Garage Door Styles We Install in Seattle

    There’s an array of styles, sizes, accessories, etc. for garage doors.

    But if you’re not confident especially on the technical specifications of the hardware, contact us anytime.

    We are ready to assist you and provide you with the information you require.

    Here is the most common overhead door we install:

    Carriage-style garage doors

    Carriage doors have a mechanism that allows them to swing open.

    The majority of carriage doors are manually operated, but an automatic opener can be added to make everything more accessible.

    Consider your big barn doors, which swing open on both sides from the center; the carriage doors work in the same way.

    Traditional-style garage doors

    Traditional door designs have an aged and rustic appearance.

    Traditional doors are ideal if you want a touch of craftsmanship in the design of your doors.

    Traditional garage doors feature decorative hardware and large clear windows.

    Contemporary garage doors

    For the garage entrance, modern designs feature sleeker door construction and look.

    Clean panel sections and high-tech doors are inspired by contemporary models and designs.

    Additional glass panels with a reflective coating or a high opacity are also used in modern designs.

    Call us for Technical Assistance anytime!

    Emerald Garage Doors is always available for garage door repairs in Seattle.

    For all your service needs, do not hesitate to give us a call.

    Our expert team is on the road to assist you.

    Book us at any time of the day for routine maintenance, installations, and parts replacements.

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