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    Modern garage door openers provide a high level of convenience.

    But, if the opening device fails, it will cause a major inconvenience.

    Keep in mind that we use our garage door frequently throughout the year.

    So, don’t expect your device to work flawlessly every time.

    Emerald Garage Doors is a dedicated professional technician providing a range of services in Seattle.

    We understand how important an opening device is, especially for homeowners using the garage as their primary entrance and exit.

    When your device stops working, leave the garage door automatic opener repair to us!

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    Why Do We Require Professional Garage Door Technicians?

    Although it may appear obvious, there are garage door issues that necessitate the expertise of a professional technician.

    Aside from that, some issues may cause harm or injury.

    So, if you want to ensure your safety and restore your hardware’s functionality, delegate the task accordingly.

    Listed below are the reasons why the overhead door automatic opener needs to be repaired.

    The wall switch on the opener is not working

    This issue is often found in older opener units.

    But, if you encounter this issue, and before you begin troubleshooting the device, carefully inspect the wall switch.

    Then, check the opener’s indicator lights for any connection problems.

    If any of the indicators are not illuminated, the opener motor is most likely not receiving power.

    The cause of this problem could be a ground fault in the wiring or a faulty switch.

    Check the circuit breaker or Ground fault interrupter switch in your garage for trip-offs.

    Furthermore, after confirming that either of those switches is tripping, leave the job to the experts.

    Do not try to repair this type of problem because it poses a safety risk, such as electrocution.

    Loose moving parts

    If you hear strange noises coming from the garage door opener, it may indicate a mechanical failure.

    But we can’t ignore that some structural components, such as bolts and nuts, may become loose.

    Bear in mind that the opening device vibrates when the door panel is prompted to open or close.

    If you notice any external bolts or screws that have come loose, you can simply tighten them yourself.

    Excessive vibration during operation

    The garage door is an integral component composed of other moving parts and gears.

    Therefore, when it’s being prompted to open or close, the door panel and its components will move altogether.

    However, when the device vibrates excessively, it indicates some mechanical failure.

    An overly vibrating garage opener may eventually fall off its mounting and anything under the device.

    Retraction or reversal of the opener

    If your garage door reverses immediately after opening or closing, it could be due to faulty security sensors.

    Dirt and grime will build upon the sensors.

    As a result, the opener motors may receive the incorrect signal.

    Wiping the sensors with a dry cloth should resolve the problem.

    Aside from cleaning the sensors, it may require realignment.

    If the sensors are not properly aligned, the system is likely to trip.

    This is due to the sensors falsely detecting obstacles or providing incorrect readings.

    Produces intolerable noise

    Chain drive garage door openers are typically loud.

    However, as the chain drive is used more frequently, it will become loose eventually.

    Aside from that, it may cause the trolley drive to skip, resulting in a louder noise.

    If this is the case, some basic troubleshooting may resolve the problem.

    However, if you’re not confident to fix or troubleshoot any technical issues, call the nearest garage door technician in Seattle.

    Call the Expert Garage Door Technician in Seattle!

    Minor problems with your garage door opener unit can lead to costly repairs if ignored for a period of time.

    Furthermore, some minor issues can also cause damage to other garage door components and put you in danger.

    As a result, if your hardware exhibits unusual behavior, do not put off the needed repairs.

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    We guarantee that we will secure your home with seamless and fully functional hardware.

    Give us a call when you need technical assistance for garage door automatic opener repair.

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