Our Garage Door Repair Services

Here’s just some of the services we offer

Automatic openers have become a modern luxury that can be hard to live without – especially if you park your car in the garage! If it’s not working or can be hit-and-miss, call us today and we’ll get it back to normal in no time.

Cables are essential for the most common ‘up and over’ type of garage door. Over time they can become loose, or worse: damaged and frayed. To prevent a potential safety hazard, we recommend having them changed when you notice any slack/damage.

Having correctly set openers are key to a smooth operating door. If your garage doesn’t open as smoothly as it used to then call us today!

Faulty hinges and rollers not only pose a safety risk but also can be detrimental to the longevity of your door.

Want your door to be light as a feather? Strong and sturdy springs can help to effortlessly open and close your garage door.

Dirt and debris can often get into tracks over time, causing them to misalign slowly leading to scraping and stiff movement. If this sounds like your door, call us now!

Finally decided to revitalize the look of not only your garage door, but your entire home? If you have your garage door ready to go but just need it installed, we’ll make sure it’s fitted perfectly. Alternatively, we have hundreds to choose from and offer FREE styling advice!

Commercial customers, we haven’t forgotten you! We’re specialists in providing high-security doors that’ll give you and your company peace of mind.


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