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    It’s a sunny day, and you’re going out to pick up your child, but your garage door suddenly gets off its track.

    The garage door track you saw is entirely out of alignment, making a lot of annoying noise, and have signs of bending.

    When this happens, you won’t be able to get your car out of the garage to pick up your kid.

    In this situation, you need a reliable garage door company who can help you fix your garage door immediately.

    Emerald Garage Doors have a team of professional garage door maintenance specialists that have the skill to realign your door track right away.

    We offer efficient and reliable garage door services in both residential and commercial properties.

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    Why Do Garage Doors Get Off Track?

    There are many reasons why your garage gets off track or broken track, and one of those is an obstructing item that is not seen by your sensor.

    When this happens, your garage door will collide with the obstructing item that could cause this kind of problem.

    Another common reason for an off-tracked door is if you accidentally hit your door with your vehicle.

    For some instances, some car owners accidentally pull out too quickly wherein your garage door is not fully open.

    When this happens, your garage door track can get off the rail from the impact of the collision.

    Furthermore, your door can go off track because of the worn-out components of your garage door.

    Over time, some garage door parts such as your rollers on the tracks and cables can wear out that could cause your garage door to go off track.

    No matter what the reason behind your door problem is, it’s best\ to let the professional garage door maintenance specialist handle the situation.

    Conduct A Thorough Examination

    If your garage door is bent, loosen up the bolts that hold the door track in its place.

    Take note that you don’t need to take out your door track for this type of procedure.

    You only need to tap the track slowly to bring it back to its vertical position.

    Use a pair of pliers to straighten your garage door track so that you can use your door again correctly.

    After you straighten your door track, put the bolts back in their place and make sure to tighten them up.

    Re-engaging The Door

    You’ll notice that your garage door tracks have a curved side and a straight angle.

    When reattaching the track, ensure that the straight part is facing the wall.

    The bolt component of your door track should be flushed internally to the ways so that the threads will protrude through the track’s bracket.

    After you finish re-engaging the door, ensure that you tighten the nuts.

    DIY Door Track Repair

    A bent garage door track can be fixed using your claw hammer, then gently tapping it to return the original shape.

    However, if this procedure doesn’t work, consider replacing your garage door track with a new durable one.

    After purchasing a new set of door tracks, take out your old track and replace them with the new one.

    Once you finish reinstalling the tracks, ensure to keep an adequate track space for your tracks to function correctly.

    However, we highly recommend consulting with a professional garage door technician if you have a bent door track.

    That’s because this problem is very complicated, and only experts can fix that kind of issue.

    On the other hand, always pay attention to your bent door track even though they are still functional.

    That’s because bent door tracks can lead to more significant problems that could result in expensive repairs.


    If you have a door track problem, Emerald Garage Doors can quickly eliminate your track issues.

    Our certified garage door technicians can realign your garage door track quickly and correctly.

    Rest assured that we will immediately repair your door tracks so that you can use them again correctly.

    Additionally, aside from garage door repair service, we also have garage door installation in Seattle.

    We are open 24/7.

    Call us now!

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    Seattle’s Best Garage Door Track Adjustment Service

    It’s a sunny day, and you’re going out to pick up your child, but your garage door suddenly gets off its track. The garage door track you saw is entirely out of alignment, making a lot of annoying noise, and have signs of bending. When