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We serve Seattle and all surrounding areas. Seattle’s first choice for garage door services! 


When started in Seattle with an idea: to bring exceptional quality garage door services with competitive pricing. Since then, we’ve built from strength to strength, equipped with the best equipment modern tech has to offer, alongside a passionate crew that loves what they do.


Our customer’s happiness is what we value most. Every job, big or small, receives our complete attention and focus to ensure that you’re satisfied, every time.


We stock a vast array of hand-picked products to suit any needs, residential or commercial, that are built to last.

Our Garage Door Repair Services

Here’s just some of the services we offer

Automatic openers have become a modern luxury that can be hard to live without – especially if you park your car in the garage! If it’s not working or can be hit-and-miss, call us today and we’ll get it back to normal in no time.

Cables are essential for the most common ‘up and over’ type of garage door. Over time they can become loose, or worse: damaged and frayed. To prevent a potential safety hazard, we recommend having them changed when you notice any slack/damage.

Having correctly set openers are key to a smooth operating door. If your garage doesn’t open as smoothly as it used to then call us today!

Faulty hinges and rollers not only pose a safety risk but also can be detrimental to the longevity of your door.

Want your door to be light as a feather? Strong and sturdy springs can help to effortlessly open and close your garage door.

Dirt and debris can often get into tracks over time, causing them to misalign slowly leading to scraping and stiff movement. If this sounds like your door, call us now!

Finally decided to revitalize the look of not only your garage door, but your entire home? If you have your garage door ready to go but just need it installed, we’ll make sure it’s fitted perfectly. Alternatively, we have hundreds to choose from and offer FREE styling advice!

Commercial customers, we haven’t forgotten you! We’re specialists in providing high-security doors that’ll give you and your company peace of mind.


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    All of our technicians have industry-leading training.

    We provide not just excellent workmanship, but customer service too! We take huge pride in making our customers happy.

    We’re constantly monitoring our prices to always make sure we’re competitive.

    Most of our repairs are carried out the very same day!


    Here’s what some of our previous customers have to say

    I was able to get a next day appointment and perfect time! From start to finish they were true professionals! They changed out old door motor with brand new belt driven quite motor!! Worked great and finished in 2hours or less!
    Elizabeth Huddy


    Dave the owner came over in a few hours of our call. He was able to fix our garage door !!! Highly recommended!
    Chris Zarzana


    Great Service! Dave was knowledgeable, professional and polite. He informed me of the steps and the work that was required. Great Job overall! I recommend him.
    Edward Petersen


    Emerald Garage Doors Blog

    Emerald Garage Doors

    When a garage door is functioning as it should, it’s very easy to forget just how much of a convenience they are – until something goes wrong!

    From sensors to springs, a malfunctioning garage door can bring all types of nuisance that you simply don’t need!

    We highly recommend that garage doors over 10 years old should receive a service. We here at Emerald Garage Doors make it quick, easy and affordable!

    We’ve served Seattle proudly for years and we’re not going anywhere!

    Broken Components

    Springs, cables and door tracks can rust, crack and get jammed over time.

    Contrary to what some other companies may tell you, that doesn’t mean your entire garage door needs replacing!

    We’re pros at what we do, with rapid problem diagnosing and even faster repair time, Emerald Garage Doors is your number one choice when something needs fixing.

    Whilst we’re big advocates of ‘do it yourself’, garage door parts require specialist knowledge and tools so sometimes it’s better to let the professionals take care of it!

    Contact Us Immediately If:

    – Any moving parts contain rust

    – Your door tilts sideways (or overly flexes) when opening/closing

    – Cables feel loose/damaged or frayed

    – Your door falls under its own weight

    – Snapped parts (look out for sharp edges)

    – Your door makes excessive noise when opening or closing

    – Your door has been severely dented

    Another other garage door problems? Call Emerald Garage Doors today!

    If something isn’t working as it should, don’t wait!

    We offer no obligation, FREE quotations as well as friendly advice.

    Let Emerald Garage Doors take care of it and restore your garage door back to its former glory.